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What services do we offer?

Our team's comprehensive service packages are available to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

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Basic package:

  • Preparation of all documents & disclosures
    • Prepare and send all office-required forms & disclosures for e-signature
  • Ensure files are compliant with broker system
  • Review ratified contracts and supporting documents for completion and accuracy
  • Send out an introduction email with a transaction timeline to all parties involved
  • Oversee the entire escrow process: Track EMD, timeline, and due dates and send reminders to all parties - 2 days before due date
  • Confirm proof of funds & preapproval letter from lenders - sale side
  • Gather all missing/required signatures
    • Follow up weekly on missing paperwork from all sides of the transaction
  • Review file and upload documents to agent's broker compliance system
  • Order NHD and Prelim
  • Prepare Disclosure Packet - listing side
  • Order home warranty - if applicable
  • Perform file audits and update agent
  • Provide an electronic copy for agents after close for their records
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Excellent package:

  • All of the basic package PLUS
  • Open file with broker system:
    • Upload Buyer Broker Agreement or Listing Agreement to broker compliance system with all proper information
    • If needed will prepare BBA & LA per agent instructions and send for e-signatures
  • Order HOA Documents - requires an upfront payment
  • Follow up on inspection reports & make sure reports are received - if needed
    • Will perform annotations per agent instruction - if needed
  • Prepare commission demand and deliver the final copy to the title company
  • Obtain final walk-through document from agent and send it out for e-signatures
    • Will create final walk-through or walk-through waiver per agent's request
  • File the transaction for agent records in their preferred system
  • Deliver congratulatory email once the transaction has been completed to the client with a link to the full file
  • Updating client profile after closing - if needed
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Additional services:

  • Hourly administration work
  • Lease Listing
    • Will create and facilitate all required documents/disclosures on a lease transaction that is compliant with the broker system. Will file and provide a complete copy to all parties involved.
  • Template packet creation
  • Upload ONLY to broker system
    • No client contact. Review file, provide a list with any outstanding documents, will ensure file is compliant with broker system and upload documents to agent's broker compliance system. Will provide an electronic copy to client and agent after close for their records.

Pricing Details Available Upon Request

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